SSI Redefines Environmental Sustainability

SSI Ecological Commitment

SSI has always had a strong ecological commitment to the preservation of our ocean home. They realize that reliable environmental protection is essential for sustainable economic growth, our society, and our oceans’ well-being.

In light of this, SSI is the industry training agency leader in sustainable operations. SSI aligns all their corporate activities with having the smallest possible impact on the environment by using their products and programs to inform everyone about relevant environmental topics and initiatives. After all, creating environmentally conscious divers is the root of seeing positive change for our environment.

Here’s what sets SSI apart from the rest on environmental sustainability:

100% Digital – NO Paper Training Materials

In 2006 SSI revolutionized scuba training by becoming the first digital-based training agency worldwide and moving to ALL digital products by 2015. Going digital saves a vast amount of paper and eliminates the secondary effects of heavy printing use that negatively affect the environment like VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and heavy metals in ink leeching into the soil and water, plastic from printer cartridges, and electricity usage.

Digital Training Records

SSI is further reducing its use of paper products with the resent release of its Digital Training Records, which also simplifies student record completion, collection, and maintenance process. All required SSI adult student record documents can now becompleted andsigned digitally. Read on to find out more:

Environmentally Friendly Certification Cards

SSI saves tons of plastic every year just by cutting back the demand for physical certification cards. By choosing to carry no physical card, SSI divers show a more profound commitment to conservation by decreasing their demand. Instead, they opt for digital cert cards to take with them wherever they go on their smart devices. SSI Training Centers and operators around the world have adapted to this eco-friendly shift by accepting digital cards as proof of certification.

For those who still like to have that actual card in-hand, SSI now prints all physical cards on environmentally friendly PVC! Instead of using traditional, non-renewable PVC plastic, this bio PVC is just as durable as conventional PVC but 100% biodegradable. These cards can be composted in domestic compost systems and are biodegradable within 40 months without leaving behind toxic residue.

Plastic Waste Reduction

SSI has implemented a company-wide goal to reduce plastic packaging whenever possible and find alternative environmentally-friendly packaging options. Many products are packaged exclusively in cellulose packaging or paper.

SSI Ecology Programs

Education and training are the first steps in protecting the ocean. SSI offers various ecology programs, including Marine Ecology, Shark Ecology, Sea Turtle Ecology, Fish Identification, and Coral Identification. These programs educate ocean lovers about marine ecosystems and the various sea creatures that inhabit them. These fantastic programs educate and teach students how to behave underwater and around individual animals while instilling a deep desire to protect the world in which they live.

Don’t let another day go by without re-committing yourself to preserving our ocean home. Join SSI on its mission to cut plastic use back in every area possible, minimize environmental impact on the world around us, teach others about the underwater world we love, and go digital! Join SSI today!