Double Pro Rewards – SSI Supports Professional Renewal Fees

Double Pro Rewards - Over the last few weeks, as we all faced a global shutdown, SSI, our dedicated Training Centers, and our SSI Professionals have come together to show strong team spirit and creativity. This comradery and innovative thinking enabled us all to continue conducting business through distance learning, bringing customers who cannot visit our Training Center into classrooms virtually. SSI continues to support all of our members during these challenging times, with even more improvements to the SSI Digital Learning System. We are now offering a promotion to reward and incentivize our SSI Professionals that will allow them to earn more money for the training they are doing. Lately, Social Media has been abuzz with professionals asking how training agencies can help them recover some of their Renewal Fees.  SSI is listening and providing solutions.  Starting today and through the end of the year, SSI is doubling the value of its Pro Rewards points. SSI Pro Rewards is real money that can be applied either to new Professional Digital Kits or automatically credited to your 2021 Renewal.

Here is how Pro Rewards work

Currently, a professional earn 4 points for every Open Water Diver certification and 2 points for every Specialty certification. Each Pro Reward is worth 0.10 €/USD or equivalent currency. We are now doubling the value, which  means all professionals will be getting the same amount to teach any Specialty as they would normally for an Open Water Diver program – 0.40 €/USD.  There is no risk of expiring points. Points not used for purchases during the current year will be automatically applied to the Professional Renewal Fee during the November/December renewal period. We encourage our professionals to make the most out of the current situation and maximize their Pro Rewards! Focus on the "Dry Specialty Programs" Enriched Air Nitrox, Science of Diving, all Ecology programs, Equipment Techniques, etc. Contact all of these potential students to fill your classes and offer that same personal touch in training by using a virtual online classroom. The goal is simple, stay active, stay connected, and frequently communicate with all customers to bridge the time gap until we all can get in the water together again! With the latest enhancement to the SSI Digital Learning System of Online Final Exams, it’s even easier to conduct online training with your customers. Don’t wait, get started today and earn more Pro Rewards! You are not an SSI Professional? Find out what you need to do here. image©istock/Viktor Gladkov