Diving Yap - Yap Caverns

The southernmost dive site of the Yap Divers is one of the top spots and is the favorite dive site for many guests, also from Manta Ray Bay founder Bill Acker. After 25 minutes boat ride you reach the rugged reef with its crystal clear water. Visibility of 40 meters and more are not uncommon here.

Through the broken reef, several passages meander, which are easy to dive through. In a water depth of 6-8 meters, the guide will gladly guide the divers through the numerous aisles. Sunbeams shimmer through the cracks in the roof of the reef and conjure up a magical atmosphere.

In the protected area of the dive site white tip reef sharks (Triaenodon obesus) rest in the sand. Large coral blocks have anemones that house clown fish and their roommates. Cleaner prawns and porcelain crabs use the protection of anemones with their colorful inhabitants alike. Even the tiny hermit crabs are numerous to find here. A popular motif of macro photographers. A real challenge to take pictures are the small lyre fish, which are constantly in motion.

At the reef edge, it then goes down first steeply to 25 meters, before the reef continues to fall slowly. Once again, a small coral block settles down, where gray reef sharks are observed, which can be cleaned here.

Other highlights include buffalo-headed parrotfish, eagle rays, tunas, octopus, moray eels, scorpionfish and a variety of snails.

A dive site that has much to offer and is absolutely suitable for beginners. A recommended provider for this dive site is the renowned dive center Yap Divers.

Video of Yap Caverns: