Impressive NEW Dive SSI Website Launched.

Over the last four months, we have been hard at work, redesigning the Dive SSI website to make it more user-friendly for divers and more profitable for SSI centers. With increased interactivity, dive customers can easily search for dive courses offered at their level and explore other related activities like  freediving and  mermaiding. The team at SSI has also put a lot of time and effort into redesigning the Dive SSI website to drive traffic to SSI centers. With the " Find Your Training Center" map prominently displayed on every course page, SSI is driving potential business to its Training Centers around the world.

Top Features Of The New Dive SSI Website.

Whether you want to become a certified diver, want to expand your dive knowledge, or are a valued SSI dealer, our new website has great features for you!
  • Quality course and product content.

Each Dive SSI course page now features a link to a Free Course Preview and a map of Training Centers currently offering the course. There is also a revised facts table based on actual SSI Training Standards, with a link to the pathway poster and various certification options (when applicable).
  • Intelligent cross-linking to other tools.

We have cross-linked to valuable tools such as the SSI Center Locator with Event Calendar, MyDiveGuide dive spots and destinations. These improvements will help drive business directly to SSI Training Centers and Resorts.
  • New site map with enhanced navigation.

Our new Dive SSI website site map has a stronger focus on the user experience with the ‘start-continue-lead’ approach, and an updated header/footer with optimized search functionalities. MYDIVEGUIDE - EXPLORE 10,000+ DIVE SITES, FEATURED DESTINATIONS & MORE.
  • Improved SEO optimization.

Our improved SEO optimization provides better search engine results and higher reach, whilst our updated landing pages will help to create leads.
  • Improved website performance.

We have improved our website performance by consolidating and simplifying the Dive SSI system architecture. This will make our website easier to use and also centralize data and content management in one place.
  • More possibilities for Cross-Marketing Campaigns.

There are also now more possibilities for Cross-Marketing Campaigns with strategic SSI partners.  

If you have not been on the SSI website lately, you are missing out!