Curacao Attempts World Record With Underwater Dominoes

On April 20, 2024, Curacao is set to make a splash in the Guinness World Records, but not in the way you might expect. We are talking about the world’s largest game of underwater dominoes! Yes, you read that correctly.

In an effort to showcase Curacao’s vibrant culture and stunning underwater landscapes, a coalition of local hotels and the travel initiative Travel To Curacao brainstormed their way into the history books. Fueled by endless Google searches and caffeine, they landed on a gem of an idea—marrying Curacao’s national pastime, dominoes, with its world-class diving to create a record-breaking event that is as unique as it is ambitious.

Introducing Curacao’s dive into the record books

Why underwater dominoes, you ask? Well, aside from the obvious cool factor, it is a brilliant way to highlight Curacao as the leading shore diving destination it is. The event is spearheaded by CASHA (Curacao Association of Small Hotels and Attractions) and the CASHA Dive Task Force, ensuring that this attempt is as legit as it comes, with Guinness World Records officials on hand to verify the feat.

The current record for the most divers playing dominoes underwater is a cozy gathering of 60 in a swimming pool. But why stop there? 

Curacao is aiming to double down, bringing together 120 divers in the open waters of Grote Knip, an iconic beach known for its expansive sand bay, clear waters, and stunning underwater scenery. This is not just an attempt to break a record; it is an open invitation to be part of a once-in-a-lifetime event, blending the thrill of scuba diving with the strategic play of dominoes.

A game of logistics – Preparing to play underwater

You cannot just plop a table underwater and expect a smooth game of dominoes. The logistics of playing a board game on the ocean floor are, as you might imagine, a tad more complex than in your living room. Enter Peter Bot from Bahia Diving, the mastermind dive leader responsible for making sure everything goes off without a hitch—or a floating domino piece.

The solution? A specially designed floating table, anchored securely to the ocean floor but hovering above it to minimize environmental impact and ensure no marine life is disturbed. This ingenious setup requires divers to master neutral buoyancy, turning the game into a delicate dance of balance and precision. 

Picture it: a group of divers, suspended in the water, focusing intently on their game amidst the serene underwater world. It is dominoes, but not as you know it

But the challenges do not stop at buoyancy. Currents, visibility, and the sheer novelty of playing a familiar game in an unfamiliar setting mean that preparation is key. To this end, participating dive centers in Curacao are offering Domino Orientation Dives, allowing participants to practice not just their diving skills but also the unique rules of underwater dominoes. It is all about ensuring that when game day arrives, every diver is as ready as they will ever be to make domino history.

This record attempt is more than just a game

This record attempt is a celebration of Curacao’s culture, its status as a diving destination, and its community spirit. Alongside the underwater challenge, the National Domino Association of Curacao is hosting a beach domino competition, making April 20 a day when Curacao truly lives and breathes dominoes. It is a chance for anyone who loves the game, whether they are a diving veteran or prefer to stay dry on land, to join in the fun.

So, whether you are drawn by the allure of diving in the Caribbean, the strategic complexities of dominoes, or simply the opportunity to be part of something truly unique, Curacao is calling! Dive into the action, be part of a world record, and experience the beauty of Curacao both above and below the water.

After all, it is not every day you get to say you played dominoes with fish as spectators. Let us set a world record and put Curacao’s name in the history books, one domino at a time.

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