10 Best Gifts for Scuba Divers in 2024

Is there a special birthday or anniversary coming up for a diver in your life? Or would you just like to treat yourself? With so many ocean and diving-themed presents to choose from it can be hard to decide what to go for. You do not want to just choose something that they need, but also give them something they want. We have made a list of special and thoughtful gifts for scuba divers, from decorative ideas for their homes to practical items for dive days on the boat.

Find the perfect gifts for scuba divers here:

1.Sustainable changing robe

The All Weather Sherpa changing robe from Vivida Lifestyle is one of the most useful gifts for scuba divers – or any fan of watersports. The robe allows you to change discreetly on the beach or the boat while keeping you warm and protected from the weather.

This changing robe is low-profile and adjustable for the most comfortable fit, has deep hand-warming pockets, and comes in a range of sizes. It is lined with sustainable Sherpa fleece, so you can look good and feel good about it!

2.Long-sleeve whale shark swimsuit

Any dive girl will fall in love with the whale shark print long-sleeve swimsuit from SlipIns. This swimsuit not only looks fabulous, but it protects your arms and back from the harsh sun, too. Perfect for swimming, snorkeling, diving, and playing on the beach, this swimsuit offers ultimate protection with added style.

Whale shark print not for you? SlipIns offers a range of prints and styles, from tiger shark leggings to a sea turtle full-body dive skin, all of which will turn heads on any dive boat.

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3.Watch-style dive computer

A dive computer is a vital piece of equipment for scuba divers, they help to keep us safe and to plan our dives thoroughly. It can be nice for regular divers to have a watch-style dive computer that can be worn all the time.

The Sirius watch-style dive computer from Mares is stylish and lightweight enough to be worn every day, while also working as a top-of-the-range dive computer. The computer is available in black and silver, and Extended Range divers can insert up to five nitrox and trimix mixes. If you are looking for luxury gifts for scuba divers, this is a perfect choice!

4.Men’s scuba tie

This men’s scuba tie is quirky but subtle and can be worn for work or special occasions. The man in your life will be touched by this thoughtful gift that can be worn over and over again.

In a stylish navy blue shade, this tie features tiny masks and snorkels that will be a great conversation starter at parties. Frederick Thomas Ties are an online menswear company established In London, England and offers a range of affordable but elegant items.

5.Reef-safe sunscreen

A good reef-safe sunscreen is one of those gifts for scuba divers that always comes in handy – it is essential for dive days. Protecting your skin from the sun is more important than ever, but protecting the reef is also imperative. 

The UpCircle SPF 25 sunscreen is reef-safe, suitable for diving and water activities, and it is also vegan and natural. This sunscreen contains a high-quality non-nano zinc oxide which protects skin and creates a seamless blend that leaves a natural glow on the face and body.

6.Ethical, sleek swimwear

Mymarini offers a wide range of stunning beach and swimming fashion, but our favorite is the Gracebody swimsuit which is beautifully designed but also extremely functional to wear under a wetsuit.

Mymarini prides itself on creating ethical surf and swimwear and uses high-quality materials that have minimum impact on the environment. The Gracebody swimsuit is made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon and is groundwater neutral. This is an ideal gift for scuba ladies who care about the planet.

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7.Foldable diving bag with wheels

Looking for gifts for scuba divers who travel a lot? If so, the Roller Cruise from Mares could be just what they need to travel easily with their dive gear. This dive equipment bag is large, foldable, and features wheels.

It has an external fin pocket with a drainage system, padded shoulder straps, and enough room for all of their diving essentials. This bag is as durable as it is lightweight and makes traveling with dive equipment much easier.

 8.Manta ray resin lamp

Manta rays are a favorite ocean animal for most scuba divers, so to have them featured on a stylish lamp will add joy and elegance to any diver’s bedroom or living room. This manta ray lamp is handmade from resin and doubles as a beautiful piece of art that brings the love of diving into your home to enjoy every day.

The lamp features an underwater scene in deep blue ocean colors, two divers in between a coral wall silhouette, and a gorgeous manta ray.

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9.Whale shark neoprene mask strap

Traditional mask straps can rip your hair and feel uncomfortable on a dive. A neoprene mask strap not only protects your hair and is comfortable, but it can also be a fashion statement.

This neoprene mask strap from Oceanic Whispers features a scuba diving favorite, the whale shark. If you are looking for small but thoughtful gifts for scuba divers, this cute mask strap could be the perfect idea.

10.Dive map towel

For a diver who loves to dive around the world, this dive map towel from AwesomeMapsCo could be the perfect gift. Not just a map of the world, this towel map has pinpoints for some of the best dive sites across the globe. Your dive buddy will love looking at their towel map and planning their next adventures. It is a great talking point on dive boats too.

Which of these gifts for scuba divers will you go for?