8 Reasons Why You Should Become an SSI Mermaid Instructor

Many of us have watched movies like ‘The Little Mermaid’, and ‘Splash’ and thought "wow…I would love to be a mermaid!

When you become an SSI Mermaid instructor, not only do you get to live that dream, you get to share it with others, too. Teaching people how to use a mermaid tail and move gracefully underwater is a pretty fun job, and it can also be very rewarding.

If you are interested in making a colorful mermaid tail your work uniform, we have got eight mermazing reasons why you should take the plunge and become an SSI Mermaid instructor.

Why you should become an SSI Mermaid instructor

1.Travel the world

Becoming a mermaid instructor allows you to take your work anywhere in the world. If there is water, you can teach! There are thousands of people worldwide excited to become certified mermaids or mermen, and you can be the one to get them there! From Indonesia to Mexico, Egypt to the Bahamas… the underwater world is your oyster! If you crave a life in and around beautiful waters, becoming an SSI Mermaid instructor could be the career for you.

2. Encourage people to get out of their comfort zone

When someone comes to a mermaiding course as a beginner, it is not unusual that they might be nervous in the water, uncomfortable with holding their breath, or uneasy moving their body in this new environment. It is an incredibly rewarding feeling to help them progress, and to see them improve and become more confident over the duration of the course. You will see them become at ease under the water and practice the new skills that you have given them… most likely with a huge smile on their face. Teaching mermaiding is an extremely rewarding job that can keep you living a happy life, doing something you love. And if you are happy, your students will be happy to learn from you.

3. Teach something you love

If you are considering becoming a mermaid instructor, chances are you love being in the water or you are already a mermaid yourself. One of the best things in the world is to turn a passion into a career. To be able to do something you love every day and make a living from it is something truly special. Life is too short to be stuck in a career that you do not enjoy, and you know what they say: "Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life".

4. Stay fit and healthy

If you have done any mermaiding before you will know how much of a workout it can be! The movements required to move with ease using a mermaid tail use muscles that you might not usually be using in day-to-day life. It is a full body workout that also helps to keep you flexible and agile. It has also been proven that breathwork and breathholds are beneficial to your mental health, with experts suggesting it improves anxiety levels and depression by calming and distracting the mind. Mermaiding makes you happier and healthier!

5. Look awesome

Okay, it is not all about looks, of course. But you have to admit, being able to wear a long, bright, colorful mermaid tail every day for work is pretty cool (and not to mention the salty beach waves your hair will thank you for!). But looking like a beautiful mermaid or merman is not just appealing to you as an instructor, it one of the main reasons people choose to enroll for a mermaid course. So show off that tail on social media and others will be inspired to sign up for a course with you! If you would like to get some beautiful underwater images for your Instagram or website, check out the SSI model mermaid course, which provides skills and concepts required to pose for stunning mermaid photos and videos.

6. Keep people safe

Sometimes people do dangerous things to capture a nice selfie for their Instagram. Unfortunately this might include holding their breath and diving underwater with no training. Mermaiding is fun and exciting but it can also be risky if the correct safety measures are not put in place. As a mermaid instructor you will give people the tools and information they need to stay safe in the water. From using the tail safely, to rescuing another mermaid in a blackout situation, you will provide vital skills that they would need in a worst-case scenario. Safe mermaids are happy mermaids!

7. Give someone a happy birthday

One very fun part of teaching mermaiding is that you can organize birthday parties for aspiring young mermaids and mermen. What child would not love a pool party with all their friends where they get to live out ‘The Little Mermaid’ in real life? You will show them how to move in the water like a mermaid and watch their beaming faces as they swim around.

8. Teach cool tricks

One of the nice things about teaching a mermaid course is you get to teach some fun movements and tricks to your students, tricks that they would not get to try in a regular freediving course. For example, the ‘midwater spin’ where they spin around while propelling forwards, the ‘bubble heart kiss’ where they can blow an underwater kiss to their friends, or the ‘grab and glide’ where two mermaids can work together underwater to perform a smooth glide. Your students will love trying to master these awesome mermaiding moves!

SSI’s high quality standards and personalized training make it easy to become a professional SSI Mermaid Instructor. Learn how to teach and certify all mermaid student levels,to create safe and comfortable mermaid students.There are mermaid instructor courses happening regularly all around the world.

If you are interested in living the mermaid dream, reach out to your local SSI dive center or instructor to enquire.