The 8 best SSI lifeguard programs for 2021

If you want to save lives and learn exciting new skills including problem solving and teamwork, become a professional lifeguard. As a lifeguard, you can make a real difference in this world and enjoy global career opportunities. There is no limit to your ambitions with the internationally recognized SSI Lifeguard programs! Here is our pick of the 8 best lifeguard programs for 2021.

1. Water Safety Attendant.

The SSI Water Safety Attendant program is the exciting first step of your lifeguard journey and provides all the skills and knowledge you need to assist certified lifeguards in their duties. It is a great way to learn basic water safety skills and gain experience as you complete the first academic and training sessions of the SSI Lifeguard program. You only need to be 14 years old to start this program and you can easily upgrade to become an SSI Pool Lifeguard when you are ready.

2. Pool Lifeguard.

Being a lifeguard is a fun and rewarding career choice, and it starts when you become an SSI Pool Lifeguard. Get certified as an SSI Pool Lifeguard and you will learn all you need to confidently supervise, assist and rescue victims in pool environments. This is the next logical step in your SSI Lifeguard journey before becoming an SSI Inland Open Water Lifeguard and taking your skills out into the world. ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE! BECOME A CERTIFIED LIFEGUARD.

3. Inland Open Water Lifeguard.

Are you ready to learn more lifeguard skills and start working in different water environments? As an SSI Inland Open Water Lifeguard, you can work in inland aquatic environments that do not have tides or surf, such as still-water beaches, lakes and rivers. Put your lifeguard abilities to the test with this course, as you dive deep into the SSI Lifeguard Instructor Manual and learn how to assist and rescue victims in new environments.


4. Beach Lifeguard.

Love lifeguarding and ready to take it further? Get certified as an SSI Beach Lifeguard and live the dream! It is easy to become an SSI Beach Lifeguard if you are already an SSI Inland Open Water Lifeguard. You just need to complete one more academic and training session. With this lifeguard certification, you will be ready to get out there, work as a lifeguard in ocean environments and make a difference to peoples’ lives.

5. React Right.

To become a lifeguard, you need to complete first aid, automated external defibrillator (AED) and oxygen first aid training. The SSI React Right program allows you to learn these skills in one convenient and flexible program. Each portion of the program can be taken individually, or you can choose a combination of the three sections that work best for you. Once certified, you will be able to act as a first responder, provide first aid and CPR, plus administer oxygen and provide AED support in medical emergencies. You will also be able to enroll in the SSI Pool Lifeguard Supervisor and SSI Senior Lifeguard Supervisor programs. If you want to lead a team of lifeguards at a resort or swimming facility, get SSI React Right certified and join a lifeguard supervisor program today. BECOME A LIFEGUARD INSTRUCTOR WITH SSI.

6. Level 1 SSI Lifeguard Instructor.

Ready to take your lifeguard career to the next level? Become a Lifeguard Instructor and teach the next generation of lifeguards how to save lives. In the SSI Level 1 Lifeguard program, you will learn how to teach, supervise and issue certifications for SSI Water Safety Attendant and SSI Pool Lifeguard programs. It is a great way to become an ambassador for lifeguards, share your knowledge and support others as they begin their careers. Cannot wait to get started? You can begin this program once you are certified as an SSI Pool Lifeguard or equivalent.

7. Level 2 Lifeguard Instructor.

Are you looking for your next lifeguard challenge? It is easier thank you think to upgrade from SSI Level 1 Lifeguard Instructor and become an SSI Level 2 Lifeguard Instructor. This is your ticket to teach and issue certifications for ALL levels of the SSI Lifeguard programs! You will open up new job opportunities and enjoy a global career with this in-depth lifeguard instructor program. If you are an SSI Beach Lifeguard or equivalent and a Level 1 Lifeguard Instructor, you can get started online today.

8. Lifeguard Instructor Trainer.

The SSI Lifeguard Instructor Trainer program is the pinnacle of lifeguard training and provides all you need to teach and issue certifications for all levels of the SSI Lifeguard AND SSI Lifeguard Instructor programs. Join elite lifeguards and go all the way with this exciting course. You will teach future lifeguard instructors how to save lives and use your passion to create safer communities worldwide. Find out more here.