SSI Offers 6 Reasons to Become an SSI Professional Today!

As the world’s fastest-growing training agency, SSI is constantly adding new Training Centers and Professionals. There has never been a better time to make the switch and become an SSI Dive Professional. With worldwide career opportunities and unmatched customer support, you would be hard-pressed to find an SSI Pro who regretted making the switch and joining the SSI team.

1.Earn Significant Earnings

The foremost benefit SSI Professionals and Training Centers enjoy is their significant earnings by teaching SSI’s unique approach to continuing education. As a group, SSI stores produce one of the highest conversion ratios in the industry! In addition to increased training revenue, this equates to more equipment and travel sales. With over 70 digital programs in more than 50 languages, SSI offers you something to market to everyone.

2. SSI Does Not Nickel and Dime its Pros!

SSI Pros get FREE access to all instructor materials, including student digital materials, instructor materials, digital exams, and power points, all at NO CHARGE. In addition, when SSI makes changes to its instructor or student materials, SSI Pros receive these changes and updates at NO CHARGE. In fact, with 24/7 access to your MySSI account, all future updates and improvements happen automatically, saving you both time and money.

3. SSI Pro Rewards Program

At SSI, the more you teach, the less your next year’s Pro Renewal fees will be. How cool is that! SSI Pro Rewards is the industry’s first cash-back system that rewards you for your performance and loyalty to teaching SSI. SSI Pros earn Pro Rewards for each certification they issue or professional certification they earn. For the first year, new SSI Professionals earn five times their normal Pro Rewards rate for each certification! Learn more about SSI Pro Rewards here.

4. Highly Supported International Market

If you are a Pro in the Resort Industry, there is no better choice than to teach SSI. With digital materials available in over 50 languages, you can have your students use materials in the language of their choice. And since all of SSI’s materials are fully digital, you don’t have to pre-purchase and carry inventory in these various languages.

5. Renewal Benefit

You work hard for your professional certifications, and they should work hard for you. As an SSI Professional, you only pay for your highest professional certification. The rest are included in your annual renewal for free!

6. Advanced Technology

SSI’s digital training system sets a new standard in online learning. With the MySSI App, your students can complete their digital learning materials anytime, anyplace, either online or on any iOS or Android device, at no additional cost. There is no need for you or your student to carry printed manuals; all of your content is just a click away. Also, being able to associate your Training Center with Dive Sites around the globe on SSI’s MyDiveGuidegives you some of the best customer reach options in the industry.

SSI has thousands of job opportunities waiting for you in hundreds of exciting and exotic locations. Turn your passion into a career and start living your dream! There are thousands of job opportunities for highly qualified SSI Professionals worldwide. Check out SSI’s current job offerings here.

Are you ready to join the next generation of highly qualified SSI Professionals? Then contact your nearest SSI Training Centerfor more details today!