Introducing the Scuba Force SF2 CCR Rebreather

SSI is very happy to announce that they have now added the Scuba Force SF2 backmount closed-circuit rebreather to the list of rebreather units available for SSI training. Read on to find out more about the advantages of this innovative rebreather.

Why choose the Scuba Force SF2 CCR?

  • Compared to other rebreathers, the SF2 CCR is configured very cleanly and simply.
  • With its streamlined design - as if it were designed from one piece - the rebreather is compact and well-arranged.
  • All important components are integrated into the carbon fibre tube, which means the SF2 CCR needs significantly less volume compared to other rebreathers.
  • Moreover, the carbon fiber tube gives the rebreather a high-quality feel.

Who is the Scuba Force SF2 CCR suitable for?

The SF2 CCR is especially suitable for ambitious technical dives as it holds a 100 meter CE depth certification. Compared to most other rebreathers, the SF2 CCR differs in the unique positioning of the counterlung. Traditionally the counterlungs are positioned on the divers’ chest. In contrast, the SF2 CCR has a single counterlung which is located in the lower tube. This leads itself to a better body position in the water and lowers resistance. READ MORE: DECO DIVING - WHICH BUOYANCY COMPENSATOR IS BEST?

What rebreather diver programs are available for the Scuba Force SF2?

The following programs are now available using the SF2 CCR:

Join the silent world with rebreather diving.

Whether you are looking to extend your bottom time, get close to marine life, or enjoy the thrill of exploring deep reefs, wrecks, and caves – SSI’s rebreather programs provide all you need to go rebreather diving with confidence. With benefits such as limited bubbles, reduced gas use, and extended dive times, what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE TO BROWSE SSI'S RANGE OF REBREATHER DIVING PROGRAMS.   Scuba Force SF2 Rebreather Scuba Force SF2 Rebreather Scuba Force SF2 Rebreather