Cyprus: Zenobia Week 2015

Diving a Super-Sized Wreck The Zenobia wreck is legendary. Often regarded as one of the world's ten most beautiful wrecks, it attracts divers from all over the world to the island of Cyprus. Now every year its glory is celebrated with the Zenobia Wreck Week - in 2015: 23rd July – 30th July. Be prepared to spend a few days diving here, as one dive is simply not enough to fully appreciate this huge wreck. It is 172 metres long and 25 metres wide, and lies 43 metres deep at its port side on the seabed.
The ferry's two giant propellers are still present. The depth range for diving is approximately 26 to 40 metres. Its gross registered tonnage – at  12,000 – testifies to the massive size of the vessel. Depending on your dive proficiency and experience, the Zenobia wreck offers different perspectives for exploration. As there is almost no current in the surrounding waters, the wreck is suitable for new divers. They can safely explore the upper section of the wreck without encountering any problems. A special highlight – only for very experienced divers - is a foray into the ship's lower holds. Here, you will find quite a number of trailers and trucks. Diving into this area will take you extremely far away from the nearest exit, so there is little or no residual light, thus creating a mesmerising ambience. Alternatively, if you prefer not to stray too far into the wreck, you can still see some of the vehicles up close, at the rear above the seabed. After 35 years on the seabed, the ship's hull is heavily overgrown with vegetation, and has become part of the marine habitat, serving as a home for many fishes and invertebrates. Divers who revel in macro photography would find many wonderful photo opportunities here. Of course, the Zenobia wreck is not the only wreck here for visitors to Cyprus. There are other wrecks nearby, including that of a British gunboat and even a downed helicopter. In addition, on dry land, there are a number of grottos, caves and canyons that provide welcome change on this Mediterranean island. Website: Video: