Become a Cave Diver

Do you love to explore? Are you looking for serious adventure? SSI’s range of Cave Diver certification programs will introduce you to the fascinating underwater cave world. You will expand your diving capabilities beyond the decompression limit, dive different environments, and learn how to use different equipment configurations. Whether you are looking to explore caves, conduct research, or assist in cave rescue operations worldwide, SSI Cave Diver courses will ensure you can safely dive in some of the most demanding underwater conditions. Start your SSI Cave Diver program online today!

Penetrate beyond the daylight zone with Cave and Mine Diving

The SSI Extended Range Cave and Mine Diving programs provide all you need to plan and conduct cave and mine penetration dives using specialized wreck diving equipment, gas management concepts, and buddy team skills. Start exploring underwater caves within the light zone to depths shallower than 40 meters with the Extended Range Cavern or Mine Diving certification. Go even further with Extended Range Cave Diving or push yourself to the limit with the ultimate in SSI diving, Extended Range Full Cave and Full Mine Diving, where you will learn complex navigation and emergency skills. Depending on the equipment configuration you wish to use for your Cave Diver certification, you can select to use a twin tank or sidemount configuration, or a rebreather unit. The great thing about SSI Cave and Mine Diving is that these SSI diving programs are customizable to fit your advanced diving goals.

Featured Destinations for Technical Diving

Proper skills and experience are your ticket to dive the world’s best dive sites. MyDiveGuide connects divers to the world´s largest Dive Site Database with more than 10,000+ named dive sites, including Wildlife Maps. Here are some of the world’s Top Dive Sites for XR Cave Divers. Go explore, seek unique underwater caves, and create amazing lifetime experiences!