Become an XR Professional

Teach Extended Range (XR) diving and become an ambassador for this exciting sport with SSI! With SSI’s broad range of professional XR scuba diving courses, you can follow your passion and meet your personal goals and ambitions! Depending on your experience and training, you can become an XR Instructor in either open-circuit, rebreather or overhead programs. You will get to train new XR divers; teaching them how to plan and conduct dives in new environments, with new equipment and beyond the decompression limit. As you lead certified XR divers and run different levels of XR programs, you can explore the world’s best tec dives and truly immerse yourself in XR diving. Get certified as an XR Instructor Trainer and become an icon in the world of technical diving! You will share your knowledge and experiences with the next generation of SSI XR Instructors and continue to enjoy scuba diving jobs worldwide. Ask your training center about upcoming XR Professional programs and start your journey today!

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