Word een Open Circuit Instructor

Extended Range diving is a growing and developing market and it can only get better with you! If you want to teach SSI Extended Range (XR) diving and explore worldwide diving careers, become an XR Instructor with SSI. With our range of professional Open Circuit Instructor certifications, you can follow your passions and choose training to meet your ambitions and goals. Start your professional XR diving career today!

Kwalificeer je voor hogere range en breid je vaardigheden uit

Kwalificeer je voor verschillende Extended Range Instructor bevoegdheden en boost je SSI Professional-carrière! Het geven van de Extended Range programma’s die je het meest interesseren is leuk en biedt de perfecte mogelijkheid om als instructeur meer inkomsten te genereren. Maar dat is niet alles: door SSI-training op alle niveaus te stimuleren, kom je automatisch in aanmerking voor professionele erkenningsbrevetten zoals Master Instructor en ontvang je waardevolle Pro-Rewards voor elk brevet dat je afgeeft. Deze waardevolle punten zijn echt geld waard, dat je kunt gebruiken om je carrière vooruit te helpen!

Deel de stilte - Word een XR Rebreather Professional

Share the silent world and enhance your career with our range of professional rebreather SSI dive courses. Get started with the SSI SCR Instructor program and teach no-decompression diving up to 30 meters deep using the Horizon semi-closed rebreather (SCR). Extend your range! As an SSI SCR Extended Range Instructor, you can train divers to conduct decompression dives up to 40 meters deep using the Horizon SCR. Passionate about closed-circuit rebreather (CCR) diving? The SSI CCR Diving Instructor program certifies you to teach no-decompression diving to 30 meters using CCR. Challenge yourself and become a CCR XR Instructor to teach decompression diving to 40 meters. Is that no longer enough? Teach unlimited decompression diving to 60 meters as a CCR Technical Extended Range Instructor. Ready to take it all the way? Become a CCR Hypoxic Trimix Instructor and teach decompression diving up to 100 meters deep!

Proef de geschiedenis - Word een XR Wreck Diving Instructor

Indulge your passion for wreck diving and teach others to conduct wreck penetration dives. Start by becoming an SSI Extended Range Wreck Diving Instructor and certify divers to conduct wreck penetration dives within the light zone to depths up to 40 meters deep. Take the next exciting step and become an SSI Technical Wreck Diving Instructor. You will get certified to teach extended range divers to conduct wreck penetration dives up to 80 meters deep!

Laat het daglicht achter - SSI Cave Instructor-programma’s

Become an SSI Extended Range Cavern Diving Instructor to certify both SSI Recreational Cavern/Cenote Diving and Extended Range Cavern Diving courses. Ready to leave the daylight behind and explore further? Become an SSI Cave Diving Instructor. You will teach others how to safely penetrate caves on a single line, undertake basic navigation, and deal with problems in this extreme environment. Take the ultimate step and join the ranks of elite dive instructors - become an SSI Full Cave Diving Instructor! You will dive the most challenging environments there are and undertake the ultimate in overhead environment training.

Breid je vaardigheden uit om je carrière vooruit te helpen

Learning never stops! If you are ready for more adventure, immerse in our Extended Range Instructor courses. These additional qualifications will provide you with more diversity, flexibility and new income options. Love wreck diving? Get certified as an SSI Extended Range Wreck Diving Instructor then challenge yourself to earn the ultimate certification - the SSI Technical Wreck Diving Instructor. You will train divers to conduct decompression wreck penetration dives up to 80 meters with confidence and skill. Rebreather diving is a sport for true pioneers, and we have a range of SCR and CCR Instructor courses. Get started with the SSI SCR Instructor program and follow your passion! Ready to inspire future instructors? Become an SSI Extended Range Instructor Trainer. Whichever course you choose, you can start online now!

Ontdek carrièremogelijkheden voor duikprofessionals over de hele wereld

Stop waiting, start exploring the world and turn your passion into a career! MyDiveGuide is a unique dive site database with over 10,000 dive sites, thrilling specialist dives and idyllic featured destinations. These are the places where XR Instructors have great job opportunities! Ready to live your ultimate dream? Check out MyDiveGuide and start your diving career today with SSI!