Technical Wreck Diving Instructor

Dreaming of decompression wreck penetration dives? Want to earn the ultimate wreck diving certification? Become an SSI Technical Wreck Diving Instructor!

If you want to explore the inner history of the world’s best wrecks and teach others about deep XR wreck diving, this is the best way to do it. Get certified to teach divers to conduct wreck penetration dives up to 80 meters deep. Start online today!


The SSI Technical Wreck Diving Instructor certification is the highest wreck diving instructor rating you can achieve. It is the next instructor course to take after the SSI Extended Range Wreck Diving Instructor course and will certify you to teach the SSI Technical Wreck Diving program.

In this unrivalled wreck diving course, you will learn all you need to train divers to independently plan and conduct decompression wreck penetration dives to a maximum depth of 80 meters/265 feet (during training).

Achieve the pinnacle of wreck diving. Get started online today!

Minimum Leeftijd voor Deelname 18
Brevetering Vereisten Niet van toepassing / verplicht
Aantal Theorielessen 4
Aantal Zwembad/ Confined Water lessen 1
Aantal Open Water Duiken 2
Maximale Trainings Diepte 80m / 265ft

Become a Technical Wreck Diving Instructor with SSI


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Scuba Schools International (SSI) is de grootste professionele, op business gerichte opleidingsorganisatie ter wereld. Opgericht in 1970, vertegenwoordigen we vandaag meer dan 3.300 training centers en resorts in meer dan 130 landen met meer dan 50.000 aangesloten SSI Professionals en we groeien elke dag. De ervaring die SSI heeft opgebouwd in de laatste 5 decennia van het opleiden van duikers heeft geresulteerd in het meest geavanceerde en effectieve onderwijssysteem dat er is. Onze progressieve en gepersonaliseerde trainingsaanpak, gecombineerd met sessies in het water, zorgt ervoor dat je de vaardigheden en ervaring krijgt die je nodig hebt om je volledige potentieel te bereiken.

SSI’s globally recognized certifications are the best way to continue your lifelong XR diving adventures. There is an SSI Professional XR course for nearly every dive environment and personal passion you might have, and our digital training materials are available online, in more than 30 languages.

SSI has invested in the development of specific technical diving training materials with exciting, cutting edge manuals that include review sessions, a specific XR logbook, and wetnotes. All XR programs and training materials were developed by industry professionals with decades of XR and technical diving experience. As with all SSI programs, XR works to fit your schedule. Our training is flexible to match your goals and objectives. Get started with SSI today!