Become a Certified Diver

Start scuba diving and you will forever change the way you view the world. You will get to explore a peaceful underwater world filled with colorful marine life and breathtaking landscapes. It is an incredible lifelong adventure and anyone from age 10 can learn to dive, making this safe fun sport ideal for the whole family. Learning to dive is much easier than you think, and the globally recognized Open Water Diver program is the best way to learn.

Get certified as a scuba diver

As an Open Diver Water, you will be able to dive anywhere you want, with anyone you want and become part of a community of underwater explorers that others dream of joining. If you are short on time or not ready to become an Open Water Diver, our Basic Diver, Scuba Diver, Indoor Diver and Referral Diver programs are also great choices to learn how to dive. You can upgrade your certification easily and at any time to become an Open Water Diver, simply by completing some additional training. Learn how to scuba dive with SSI and begin your adventure today!

Upgrade your Training

Upgrade your training experience with a perfect match, the following programs can be combined with your Open Water Diver training. Skills and experience are your ticket to dive the world’s best dive sites. When you complete a certain number Specialty Programs paired with Logged Dives, you’ll also automatically earn the SSI Recognition Ratings - Specialty Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver and Master Diver. Start your SSI Specialty training right away and earn recognition on your way to become a safe and comfortable diver!

Featured Destinations ideal for Scuba Beginner

Check out MyDiveGuide; a unique dive site database of more than 10,000 dive sites, including wildlife maps and specialist dives. Find top destinations for your training level and start scuba diving today. Get inspired by our featured destinations and combine learning how to scuba dive with a vacation the whole family can enjoy!