Smooth, Quick Predators

The silky shark gets its name from the smooth texture of its skin and is a moderately large, slender shark within the popular requiem family of shark species. They can reach up to 8 feet in length and over 700 pounds with females growing larger than males. They are the most common shark to cruise the pelagic zone (the open ocean) and are distributed throughout the world’s warm, tropical waters. They are a truly elegant looking animal and a beautiful site to see.

They are best spotted around tuna fish formations as they often times congregate with other silky sharks to dive together and hunt these large groups of fish. If you would like the thrill of scuba diving with silky sharks you may have to plan a dive trip that includes blue water diving in areas where large fish such as tuna school together. Check out the map below to see the best dive sites around the globe where they can be found.