Ferocious Looking but Totally Docile

Sand tiger sharks may be the most ferocious looking of all the sharks due to their rows of jagged, sharp teeth that protrude in all directions, even when their mouths are shut. However, not to be confused with their cousin the tiger shark, they are actually non-aggressive and extremely docile. Due to their calm demeanor, scuba diving with sand tiger sharks is a common and enjoyable experience. Nevertheless, as with any species, you should be careful when diving with sand tiger sharks and treat them with respect.

Sand tiger sharks are unique in that they are the only species that can swallow air. Since sharks do not have a swim bladder, they have to keep moving so as not to sink. The sand tiger shark stores the swallowed air in its stomach, allowing them to float motionless in the water. These animals may look threatening, but it’s a fun experience to go diving with sand tiger sharks. Find out where to scuba dive with these animals here.