Most Distinctive Heads

The muzzle of the great hammerhead shark is probably the most recognizable of all species as its entire body shape clearly resembles a hammer. Their heads are very unique in that its width is about 25% of the entire length of the shark. The specialized shape of their snout helps them to hunt, as it is home to electro receptors. This amazing sensory organ allows them to find prey along the seafloor like stingrays, octopus, smaller sharks, and squid. The shape of their head also helps them hold their prey with their snout while eating. It is impressive to experience these extraordinary animals underwater and get to admire their specialized physique. The best chance to dive with hammerhead sharks is in tropical and subtropical coastal areas.

The great hammerhead shark is usually solitary and stays near reefs. Adults have no natural predators, but young hammerheads can be eaten by larger sharks. They feed on invertebrates such as crabs, squid, and cuttlefish, as well as numerous bony fish such as tarpons, sardines, and groupers. Treat yourself to an unforgettable adventure and go diving with hammerhead sharks today.