Also Known as the Box Jellyfish

The sea wasp describes 50 different beautiful, venomous jellyfish species found in the Caribbean Sea and Indo-Pacific ocean, particularly near Australia. Also commonly known as the box jellyfish, these cnidarians pack a powerful punch. One Australian species of box jelly is venomous enough to cause death within three minutes of being stung and is the most venomous marine animal known to man. If you suspect being stung by a sea wasp/box jellyfish, seek medical attention immediately.

Sea wasps are identifiable by their bell-shaped main body containing four distinct sides (hence the name box jelly) and tentacles reaching up to 3 meters long. Take caution when diving with sea wasps, as their transparent, pale blue color makes them nearly invisible even in the clearest of conditions. Box jellyfish occur in northern Australia with the beginning of the wet season around October and lasts through April. Further south, you will find them from November to March. If diving these areas during box jellyfish season, wear protective clothing when diving. Explore the dive site map below to see where sea wasps occur.