Largest Jellyfish in the World

The lion’s mane jellyfish is the world’s largest jellyfish species. This open-ocean dweller can grow to over 2 m (6-7 ft) in diameter and have tentacles trailing behind them up to 120 feet long. The “mane“ of these long, hair-like tentacles hangs from the bell-shaped body’s underside, consisting of eight tentacle clusters housing up to 150 tentacles per cluster. These gelatinous creatures are easy to spot thanks to their large size and dark yellow to reddish hue, and bioluminescent abilities, which help them stand out against the blue background of the water.

You can go diving with lion’s mane jellyfish in the colder waters of the North Pacific and Arctic oceans from Alaska to Washington state. They are also seen at times in the northern Atlantic and the North Sea regions. Take caution when diving with lion’s mane jellyfish as their sting can cause a powerful punch to humans. To see where you can go diving with these enormous jellyfish, explore the dive site map below.