One of the Most Popular Fish on the Reef

Depending on where you are, diving with sweetlips or grunts is guaranteed throughout the coral reefs of the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific Oceans. You can find these medium-sized fish in large schools trolling coral reefs and rocky areas for food and hiding out under large overhangs or in small caverns amongst the reef. Members of the Haemulidae family, sweetlips and grunts are closely related to snappers. You can dive with sweetlips throughout the Indo-Pacific region, while diving with grunts is possible in the Atlantic.

Sweetlips derive their name from their large, thick lips, and grunts like to grind their teeth together, making a grunting noise, giving them their name. With silver scales covered in brilliantly colored stripes, sweetlips and grunts are beautiful fish to behold. Check out the dive site map below to find out where you can go diving with sweetlips and grunts today!