The Most Unique Fish in the Sea

The ocean sunfish, commonly known as the Mola mola, are one of the most extraordinary fish found in the ocean. Due to their round, flattened form they are reminiscent of a millstone, called mola in Latin. Ocean sunfish are found in both temperate and tropical regions around the world. They are frequently seen near the surface, an amazing site to witness as they bask in the sun to raise their body temperature after deep ocean dives, sometimes as deep as 600 meters!

As the heaviest bony fish on earth, the ocean sunfish can reach a maximum body length of over 3 meters, a height of up to 4 meters, and weigh over 2 tons. On its skin live a variety of parasites and organisms, therefore, they are often seen being cleaned by various fish and even seabirds as it floats on the surface. These parasites can also create a magnificent bioluminescence that light up the Mola mola at night. Would you like to see this amazing phenomenon in person and dive with the ocean sunfish? Click here to discover the best places around the globe to dive with the Mola mola, one of the ocean’s most gentle giants.