Not the best swimmers, Clownfish seek shelter in their anemone homes throughout most of the day. These distinctly colorful fish have developed a highly intricate and mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship with their anemone homes, earning them the nickname: anemonefish. Due to this sophisticated relationship, they tend to stay within a maximum radius of four meters to their anemone host in order to hide quickly within its tentacles in case of danger. If you’re lucky enough dive with clownfish you could experience these cute little fish attempting to “attack“ you to defend their anemone.

An interesting fact about clownfish is that they all hatch as males, some of which then develop into females over time. They are fairly small, usually growing no larger than 5-10 cm and live for 6-9 years. If you’ve always wanted to dive with your own personal ‘Nemo,’ click here for the best areas where clownfish are located and keep your eyes peeled for their unique bright orange bodies and vertical white stripes.