Acrobats of the Dolphin World

One of the most acrobatic dolphin species, the spinner dolphin is famous for its acrobatic displays, specifically the way in which it spins multiple times longways as it jumps through the air. They are commonly spotted racing alongside boats and are a beautiful, exciting site to see. These agile mammals are among the smallest of the dolphins and are found in tropical waters all around the world. The largest populations seem to be near Thailand, the Central American Pacific coast, and the Hawaiian Islands.

Like it’s cousin the striped dolphin, due to its smaller size, speed, and athleticism it is harder to encounter them while diving underwater. If your goal is to see them in action, your best bet is to visit the population in the Hawaiian Islands as they seem to spend more time near shore and are more social with people and boats than other spinners around the world. Click on the map below to view the best locations around the globe to see spinner dolphins.