The Most Popular Dolphins

Charismatic, curious, cute, and smart are all reasons the bottlenose dolphin is the most well-known of the dolphins. The upward curvature of their mouths gives them the appearance of always smiling and their extreme intelligence makes them the easiest cetacean to train. Combine this with their friendly looks and it’s no wonder why they are the stars of most aquarium shows and many Hollywood movies. Not only do people have access to viewing them at most aquariums around the world, they are also the most common dolphin found in the wild, living in temperate, sub-tropical, and tropical waters all around the globe in almost every type of habitat.

Since they have the widest distribution of all the dolphin species, they are the easiest type to encounter while diving. In fact, there are many dive operators in certain areas of the world, particularly the Caribbean, that specialize in dolphin dives. Scuba diving with these animals is on almost every diver’s bucket list, as they have captivated the hearts of humans for years. Encountering a bottlenose dolphin while diving is sure to be one of the most memorable underwater experiences you will ever have. Explore the map below to find the best dive sites around the world to dive with bottlenose dolphins.