Ilha de Ancora

Ilha de Âncora is one of the main diving destinations for divers that frequent the region of Arraial do Cabo, Cabo Frio and Búzios, due to its proximity to the continent and excellent diving conditions. The depth at the points varies from 8 to 30 meters, welcoming beginners and advanced divers.

Many shoals can be seen passing through, large reef fish, turtles, rays and much more. The resurgence phenomenon provides great abundance of marine life.



  • Beginner
  • Advanced


  • 11 m


  • Light Current
  • No Current
  • Strong Current
  • Ripping Current


  • Night Dive
  • Drift Dive
  • Snorkeling
  • Wall/Drop Off
  • Macro Spot
  • Cleaning Station
  • Pinnacle, Needle, Seamount

Temperature & Visibility


Wildlife Diversity

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Dive sites nearby

Ilhas Maricas - Naufragio do Moreno

The old dismantled wreck brings together a lot of marine life and allows the observation of its structures, which bring together a diversity of marine life. If you want to observe beyond the wreck, a tranquil shallow dive is possible, suitable for any level of training.

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Costao de Itaipu

Excellent for night diving, when all the fauna is active, providing a peaceful and charming dive. The beach's coastline is extensive, allowing for several ways to explore the dive, which can be done from a boat or with a beach exit.

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Canal da Ilha Menina

Diving in the Ilha Menina Channel is an excellent opportunity to do a drift dive, tide conditions permitting. You can see an interesting rock formation and lots of marine life.

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Caverninhas da Ilha Mae

The little caves on Mae Island are rock formations that form a veritable playground for divers of all levels. Inside these structures are large quantities of fish, surprising when observed closely. It is the most sought after spot on the coast of Niteroi.

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Ilha Mae / Ponta Sul

The South Point of the Mother Island is a great profile for beginner divers, and also for more experienced divers who would like to enjoy a quieter dive, with shallow depths and lots of marine life.

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Ilha Pai / Ponta Sul

Pai's Island is the furthest from Itaipu Beach, and has a different rock formation than the other two islands (Mae and Menina). This point has a greater slope and a steeper coast, providing a completely different diving profile from the neighboring islands. Drifting is possible.

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Naufrágio Buenos Aires (Wreck)

The Buenos Aires Steam sank in 1890. Point indicated for experienced divers, with wrecks found from 13 meters to 42 meters deep. Common presence of strong surface currents, average temperature of 18 degrees and average visibility of 3 meters.

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Ilha Rasa - Guincho

Classic costal diving, ideal for less experienced divers. Even so the attention is important, because the depth can reach up to 20 meters between shore and sand. Average annual temperature of 18 degrees and visibility of 3 meters.

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Ilha Rasa - Portinho

Good alternative to south-southwest swells, the coast do portinho offers shelter for beginner divers. Moving away towards the sand, one can find depths in the range of 30 meters, enabling the formation of deep diving. Average temperature of 18 degrees and visibility of 3 meters.

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Face Norte

The most sheltered coastline in the region, the North Face of Ilha Comprida offers an abrupt slope, meeting with the sand between 9 and 12 meters deep.

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