Diving the Western Province of Sri Lanka

On the western side of Sri Lanka sits the city of Colombo. It is the country’s largest city and economic and commercial center. The governmental capital of Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte is a suburb of Colombo. It is a coastal region that is located on the Laccadive Sea. Colombo diving is a rare treat, there is a huge quantity of amazing dive sites that are known for their shipwrecks and coral reefs. In fact, the area off the coast of Colombo has over a dozen shipwrecks to explore. These wrecks vary in depth anywhere from 30 to 75 meters (98 to 246ft) below the surface and are located anywhere from a 5-minute boat ride off the coast to around two hours. You can also find great reefs such as Formosa Reef which is about a 15-minute boat ride from the city. The visibility can be tough but it is a great spot for divers who are just learning and more experienced divers value it as an amazing night diving spot. Overall, Colombo and the Western Region of Sri Lanka is an interesting place both to dive and to visit. There are many historical sites and good cuisine and nightlife as well in the area and you will not be disappointed in or out of the water.

Featured places to go in Western Province

Colombo offers many shipwrecks sites that vary in depths and different skill levels, so that for every diver there is something offered.

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Wildlife Encounters in Western Province

Amongst the shipwrecks and coral reefs of the Laccadive Sea live an abundance of sea creatures to behold. While you may not see the sharks and larger fish you see in deeper parts of the Indian Ocean you will come across some amazing and very large octopi in the region. There is a lot of very small macro life to see as well. Along with the normal Indian Ocean fare you will also see some fun forms of marine life such as batfish, pipefish, longnose hawkfish, large angelfish and schools of surgeonfish, barracuda and small groupers