Diving the Society Islands

Probably the most popular of the five French Polynesian Archipelagos is The Society Islands. This region includes the main island of Tahiti, and touristic Moorea and Bora Bora, all three of which are extremely popular among honeymoon-ers and divers alike. You will find most dive sites just a short boat ride away and lying within the lagoons or just out-side the barrier reefs. All levels of divers can enjoy the perfect dive, including shallow, aquarium-like dives within the heart of the lagoon. As you dive, you will witness the beauty of the colorful reefs where many dive guides feed the fish and hundreds of fish swarm around you as you swim along. If you’re looking for a little more heart-pumping action, you can’t miss out on the famous shark feeding dives of Bora Bora and Moorea; in these places, huge lemon and reef sharks pass right overhead as you kneel in a circle on the ocean floor while the guide feeds them from the center. If you are a more experienced diver, then head outside of the reef to find stronger currents and waves, as well as spectacular dive sites. In this region, you will encounter sharks, spinner dolphins cruising by, and turtles around every corner among some of the pelagics waiting to greet you.

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Dive Sites in The Society Islands

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