Diving in Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata is located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. This place is home to the most adventurous diving on the island. Diving in Puerto Plata, you will be surrounded by awe-inspiring marine life, as well as impressive landscapes above the water, including a remarkable chain of mountains close to the coastline. Gear up for beautiful reefs, amazing wrecks, mysterious caves and caverns, and jaw-dropping humpback whale encounters. Some other fish species you will find are grouper, red snapper, angelfish and trumpet fish. Experience the best day-charter diving right offshore in Sosua Bay, east of Puerto Plata. After exploring the old shipwrecks that sit in these waters, you will feel as if you had traveled back in time. Drive only 2 hours east to Dudu Caverns and dive in two different freshwater caverns. Wall diving can also be done in Puerto Plata, with the most famous site being Airport Wall. Other important dive sites in the region are Three Rocks, Zingara Wreck, Canyon, Five Rocks, and Mini Wall, to name a few. You will live your biggest adventure yet as you hop on a liveaboard charter and make your way to north Silver Bank to swim with humpback whales and their calves; you’ll find them between December and April. Visit Puerto Plata for a once in a lifetime experience.

Featured places to go in Puerto Plata

One of the best dive sites in the Dominican Republic is Airport Wall, located east of Sosua Bay. This dive site is a favorite for returning divers.

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The Silver Bank

Diving in The Silver Bank you will experience magical, life-altering encounters with humpback whales and their calves.

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Aquatic Life in Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata and Sosua have thriving reefs abundant with diverse Caribbean reef fish species such as queen, gray and French angelfish, green moray eels, drumfish, trumpetfish, filefish, damselfish, and many others. You won’t find big species in this area; however, keep your eyes open and check the sand for stingrays and the unique sand snake eel. Go night diving in Puerto Plata and be amazed by the bioluminescence and active lobster, octopi, and squid you will find. An extraordinary and unique experience is waiting for you as you watch humpback whales that travel to Silver Bank annually for mating season.

Dive Sites in Puerto Plata