Diving in Phu Quoc

This dreamy island set in the Gulf of Thailand and is a paradisiacal spot surrounded by 28 other islands, most of which are uninhabited. There are soft white-sand beaches and some truly awe-inspiring marine life. What above the surface of the sea may just look like pretty islands, becomes a fascinating dive site below the surface. Had to the north-west or the south of the island for the best sites and enjoy the best conditions from October until April and warm waters only vary between 28 and 30C (82-86F). Here the visibility isn’t always excellent, but you will love the chance to discover 108 different types of coral, not to mention the 132 species of mollusks here. This is a great place to learn to scuba dive, with warm shallow waters and plenty of macro to keep you entertained, with nudibranch hiding out in the reefs and pretty anemone fish. As well as the little archipelagos just off the coast, you will also be able to combine your diving with the pretty setting of Phu Quoc itself. Known as one of South East Asia’s best-kept secrets, it is becoming steadily more popular with some beautiful resorts and hotels opening across the island.

Wildlife Encounters in Phu Quoc Island

A great spot for macro diving, Phu Quoc is teeming with colorful reef fish (around 135 different species in fact) as well as nudibranch, sponges, hermit crabs and even banded sea snakes. Colorful anemone blanket the seabed and you will also see anemone fish darting about among the fronds. There are bigger delights to spot as well, from whiskered catfish and scorpionfish to bamboo sharks. The hard coral in particular here is beautiful and there is even a dive site called Nudibranch Island where fans of the tiny colorful mollusks will be in heaven picking out their vibrant colors.