Diving in Oahu

Oahu, is an island surrounded by great shore and boat dive sites. The North Shore is famous for its huge waves; however, during summer, this is a great area for shore diving. Make sure you visit Turtle Bay, Shark’s Cove, and Three Tables. Head to one of the many dive stores on this island and sign up for a day of boat diving for a great adventure. Some must-visit dive sites are the underwater Hawaiian Grand Canyon and Kahuna Canyon where you’ll see rising walls from deep depths. The Makaha Caverns are impressive, ancient lava tubes where you’ll encounter sea turtles, sharks, and octopi. Oahu is filled with shipwrecks like YO-257, one of the most popular dives on this island, Sea Tiger, and the USS Nashua.

Aquatic Life in O’ahu

Dive Sites in O’ahu