Diving in New South Wales

New South Wales has plenty of dive sites and activities to enjoy around its 2000 kilometers (1243 miles) of coastline. Remember to bring your camera as this state is filled with natural wonders, including ancient rock formations, waterfalls, blowholes, and caverns. You will have the unique opportunity to dive with hundreds of fur seals on Montague Island, a natural reserve that can be accessed only a short boat ride from Narooma. Unique sights await you as Montague Island is also famous for being home to thousands of penguins. Water is warm during summer with an average temperature of 27º C (81º F), and cold during winter with an average temperature of 8º C (46º F). Some of the places you can’t miss are the famous tourist destination Byron Bay, as well as Fish Rock Cave and Batemans Bay. Head to Sydney for great surf and diving destinations, and when you are not at sea, you can take a tour around the famous Opera House. You will find a vast array of fish species, including sharks, pufferfish, lion fish and many others. The most popular water sports in New South Wales are surfing and scuba diving with many different dive sites for every level of diver.

Featured places to go in New South Wales

Byron Bay

Byron Bay offers more than 1000 marine species and you can encounter sea turtles, humpback whales, dolphins or sharks.

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Solitary Islands Marine Park

A must visit dive site in New South Wales is Solitary Islands Marine Park, a protected area with almost 1000 different fish species.

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Fish Rock

When visiting the state of New South Wales you can’t forget to visit Fish Rock Cave, a unique ocean cave dive site that runs 125 meters deep.

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Port Stephens

Port Stephens is an area famous for shore dives, boat dives and wreck dive sites.

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Terrigal is a region composed of 27 dive sites near New South Wales’ central coast.

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Aquatic Life in New South Wales

New South Wales has some jaw-dropping dive sites including Julian Rocks Marine Reserve, Bass Island, Fish Rock Cave, and Batemans Bay. If you want to watch plenty of friendly seals, head to Jervis Bay or Seal Rocks. Lord Howe Island is another must-visit place filled with large marine species. You can expect to encounter different types of sharks, such as grey nurse sharks, as well as leopard sharks. The more adventurer divers can explore the many caves and caverns of the area including Fish Rock Cave, that is filled with squirrelfish and rainbow runner. Other species you might find are seahorses, moray eels, sea spiders, pufferfish and even scorpionfish.

Dive Sites in New South Wales