Diving in Negros

The fourth-largest island in the Philippines is Negros, which also the second-largest island of the Visayas. This region is world-famous for its amazing and diverse dive sites, where divers of all levels of experience can find some of the most beautiful diving sites in the Philippines. Marine life in this region includes pristine reefs, hundreds of coral and fish species, and many shipwrecks waiting to be explored. Negros is divided into the Occidental and Oriental provinces. A significant diving spot in Negros Occidental is Danjugan Island, a marine reserve that protects the marine life and reefs of Carbin and Maca. Dauin, located on the other side of the region, is known for its muck diving. Another must-visit scuba diving destination is the famous Apo Island in the southeast of Negros. Some of the most popular dive destinations in Negros also include Dumaguete and Sipalay. The central part of Negros is home to the third most active volcano in the country, Kanlaon Volcano. You will find a famous place among tourists for whale and dolphin watching. The best way to reach this island is by ferry or by arriving at one of its two airports, the Bacolod-Silay International Airport, or the Dumaguete-Sibulan Airport.

Featured places to go in Negros

Dauin and Dumaguete

Dauin and Dumaguete are two mainly muck diving sites with one of a kind black volcanic sand, sloping reefs, and coral gardens.

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More than 40 exceptional dive spots for all levels of divers are part of this awe-inspiring region.

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Experience the beautiful underwater wonders of Sipaway Island, which is part of Negros Occidental.

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Aquatic Life in Negros

Adventure in the waters of Negros is everywhere with beautiful reefs and almost intact wrecks that can be explored. Marine life in Negros is very diverse and includes more than 400 coral and 700 fish species. During your day dives, you will see butterflyfish, damsels, anthias, wrasses, and thresher sharks. At night some other species come out such as anemones, decorators and hermit crabs. You will be amazed by the quantity and variety of species which includes several species of giant clams such as the Tridacna crocea, T. Squamosal, Hippopus Hippopus, spiny lobster, green sea turtles, and even the endangered Tridacna gigas.

Dive Sites in Negros