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Murdeshwar is a town located in the state of Karnataka, and is famous for the Murdeshwar Temple and for the second largest statue of Shiva in the world. Just about 18 kilometers (10 nautical miles) off the coast of Murdeshwar is Netrani Island. Netrani Island, which is also known as Heart Shape Island or Pigeon Island, is an incredible, world-class diving spot, which is called ’The heart of India’s diving’ by the locals. The best time to dive here is between October to May, with excellent diving conditions during this period. During the monsoon months of June to September, no diving is conducted at Netrani Island. The dive sites around Netrani Island rarely have much current, making it an ideal location for Open Water Divers and Beginner Level Courses as well. It is a Dive Location for Divers of all levels to enjoy. This island is largely uninhabited because of its tough terrain and steep cliffs so most of the diving is off of boats that launch from Murdeshwar. It is also easily reached from many major, west coast cities such as Goa, Bangalore, Bhatkal, Mangalore, and even Mumbai. Diving has always been popular at Netrani Island and the Karnataka Tourism Board actively promotes the area as one of the best diving spots available on Mainland India

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Netrani Island is a place where experienced divers have to dive from boats and will find strong currents but will be rewarded with some of the best scenery.

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Aquatic Life in Murdeshwar

Netrani is a coral island and which is surrounded by a wide variety of coral reef with a whole host of different coral formations which support an abundance of underwater life. Here you will see parrot, trigger and butterfly fish as well as a host of other stunning reef fish. There are also rays, eels, and shrimps. There are a variety of reef and whale sharks here but the real treat is a chance to see some giant marine mammals in the form of orcas or whales in the area which divers have reported seeing here in the past.