Diving in Millstätter See

The second largest lake in Carinthia with a maximum depth of 142 meters (466ft) , Lake Millstätter See’s steep shore gives this incredible dive site fjord-like character, with drop-offs just meters from the shore. Covering approximately 12km (seven miles), this lake has untouched shorelines and is surrounded by hills and mountains cloaked in green. Water temperatures can be between 23 and 25C (73-77F) in summer, despite the alpine setting and the southern shore in particular is very sparsely inhabited. Also listed among the best dive sites in Austria, Lake Millstätter See’s water is crystal clear, and is safe for drinking. Diving into its waters, you will experience an incredible world of Austria’s underwater life, with the chance to spot large rockfish, brown trout, and zander.

Dive Sites in Millstätter See

Aquatic Life in Millstätter See