Diving in Massachusetts

Although it’s one of the smaller states within the USA, about 1/3 of the state of Massachusetts boarders the Atlantic Ocean, offering a plethora of diving opportunities. However, this is not the warm, clear, tropical kind of diving many scuba divers are used to. The waters off Massachusetts rarely rise above 70 degrees F and can dip well into the 50’s at depth, even in the summer, so you’ll want a thick wetsuit, if not a dry suit during the winter months. Despite the colder, darker waters of Massachusetts, great diving can be found; in fact, the reduced visibility is attributed to an upwelling of nutrient dense water, making this some of the most fertile fishing grounds of the eastern United States. These fertile waters bring a diverse array of marine life for divers to encounter. Massachusetts is also a wreck diver’s paradise with nearly 40 named shipwrecks scuba divers can explore. Because the coast of Massachusetts is exposed to the open Atlantic Ocean, it is recommended to always check the weather and ocean forecast before diving as wind and wave conditions can change overnight. Flying into Massachusetts is fairly easy as the city of Boston offers a large international airport with direct flights from all over the USA and abroad.

Aquatic Life in Massachusetts

The nutrient rich waters of the Atlantic Ocean off Massachusetts’ shore are full of exciting and unique marine life not seen in the warmer Atlantic waters to the south. Due to the colder and incredibly nutrient dense water, many of the marine species found here are much bigger than the same species found in warmer waters. Exciting wildlife encounters include the ever changing in shape and color octopus, horseshoe crabs, the wolfish, giant sea stars, bass, flounder, and cod. You’ll even encounter the now prevalent but invasive lion fish. Common shark sightings include Great white sharks, blue sharks, makos, sand tiger sharks, thresher sharks, dogfish, and sandbar sharks.

Dive Sites in Massachusetts