Diving in Makonde District

Makonde District is a district of Zimbabwe, part of the Mashonaland West Province, which is located in the north-central part of the country. There you will find the famous Chinhoyi Caves, which are a designated national park; the traditional name of the town is “Sleeping Pool“ or Chirorodziva, meaning ’The Pool of the Fallen.’ This region is considered by many experts as of the best cave diving destinations in the world, due to its beauty, abundance of marine species, and unique crystal-clear water. Submarine passages connect the different caves in the area, making this an exciting journey. Because of its variety of conditions, diving in this area is suitable for every level of diver; however, most visitors tend to be technical and experienced divers that come here from all around the world to perform ultra deep diving, as the conditions are perfect for this. Water temperature is suitable all-year-round and goes from 22 to 24 ºC (71.6º F to 75.2º F). Visibility tends to be very high and usually reaches further than 50 meters deep (160 feet). Take into consideration that at your arrival, you’ll be issued a visitor visa for 30 or 60 days, and this process cannot be done in advance.

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