Diving in Jakarta

After exploring the heaving, vibrant metropolis that is Jakarta, it is incredibly calming to escape to Thousand Islands, the 130-or-so islands that are in Jakarta Bay, all silky sands and swaying palm trees. Some islands are inhabited, others are left completely natural, but they are all a magnet for people looking to escape the city for some blissful seas views, they also make for an intriguing dive spot. Here you can see colorful coral, swim with turtles, spot reef sharks and explore mangroves. Here you can dive right from the beaches and shallower slope dives make the conditions ideal for beginners. If you’re serious about great visibility and the best conditions, head to the outer islands they are further away but worth the journey time of up to two hours. There is an island to suit everyone, and every budget, whether you want calm waters and a romantic escape on Sepa Island, Pulau Pramuka is great for spotting greenback turtles, while the clear waters lapping Pulau Putri make it fantastic for visibility. Why not join a liveaboard and you can explore a variety of dive sites over a few days? However you decide to plan your trip, Thousand Islands presents a charming and unexpected break from the big city.

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Aquatic Life in Jakarta

Whether you are exploring walls and chasms, wrecks or pretty coral gardens, there is plenty to see here. Turtles lazily paddle by, you can see reef sharks, there are trout, butterflyfish, jackfish, grouper and huge manta rays. Then there is the macro, from colorful nudibranch to shrimp, as well as dolphins and whale sharks roaming the waters. At some times of the year night dives will reveal huge turtles making their way to lay eggs on the beach, or tiny hatchlings, fresh from their shells and read to make their way in the world, it makes for a wonderful sight.