Diving Grand Cayman

The most popular of the Cayman Islands, and the easiest to access is Grand Cayman. This is also the largest of the islands, and it’s world-known for its coral-sand beaches. You will find tourists from all over the world all around the island, ready to relax on this paradise. This is a big port with cruise ships that unload their passengers into the heart of George Town everyday. George Town is the main city and a bustling place perfect for duty free shopping and tropical excursions. Locals in this place live “ on island time”. You can relax and stay at one of the multiple high-end resorts on the island for a luxury vacation. Diving in this large island can be a dream come true as you submerge in crystal clear water, admire vibrant and colorful reefs, explore awe-inspiring shipwrecks, and experience amazing wall diving. During trip, every step of the way will be filled with fun adventures. The “Caribbean’s Best Beach”, Seven Mile Beach, has numerous blowholes, as well as great shopping areas, and many friendly locals that inhabit the place. This paradise is exactly located in the center of the Caribbean. The best time to travel is from November to May as you will find more predictable weather, not a lot of rain and warm temperatures.

Featured places to go in Grand Cayman

North Shore

The North Shore is one of the must-visit dive sites in Grand Cayman.

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West Bay

The West Bay of Grand Cayman is best known for its amazing beaches and wreck diving.

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East End

The East End of Grand Cayman is filled with culture and places to discover with over 50 dive sites in this region.

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Aquatic Life in Grand Cayman

Diving in Grand Cayman you will see every type of fish species in the Caribbean including queen, gray, and french angelfish, green moray eels, drum fish, trumpet fish, filefish, damselfish, and many others. A thriving reef system surrounds this island. The diversity of coral species you will find goes from the expansive Elkhorn coral to the intricate brain coral. In your adventure you will also encounter turtles, nurse sharks, rays, and octopi. Grand Cayman is also famous for being home to the huge, friendly Southern stingrays and is only a few minutes away from Stingray City.

Dive Sites in Grand Cayman