Diving in Goa

Goa is the smallest Indian state by area (and the fourth smallest in terms of population) but it is also the richest. It sits on the west coast of India on the Arabian Sea piece of the Indian Ocean. The area off the Goa coast features stunning pinnacles, picturesque coral gardens and a number of incredible shipwrecks to explore. In this area, Grande Island and Suzy’s Wreck are the two premier dive sites for visiting divers. Out of the water, Goa offers everything vacationers could want from a tropical location. Goa hosts over two million tourists a year who are drawn to the area for its nightlife, culture, history and of course, it’s beautiful sunny beaches. It also features a range of Eastern and Western influences so it is a comfortable and hospitable destination for travelers from around the world. Goa is also a great place to dive and see shipwrecks. Goa has been an important Indian trading port for hundreds of years and has seen many ships sink off its shores. Legend has it that there are over 600 shipwrecks around the area but most experts estimate it is less than 100. Either way, with ships from all over the world coming to Goa, many have encountered storms, hidden reefs, sandbars and other catastrophes which has led to remarkable dive sites.

Featured places to go in Goa

Grande Island

Grande Island is one of the best places to dive in all of India and serves as a hotspot for outdoor adventurers and water sports enthusiasts.

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Aquatic Life in Goa

Scuba in Goa is a true joy! Among the colorful coral reefs and mysterious shipwrecks that sit beneath the surface of Grande Island lurks a bevy of interesting and exotic marine life. The most interesting underwater life that the region has to offer can be found here. You will find dolphins and white tip reef sharks swimming amongst the many species of brightly colored reef fish. There are also animals like skates, sea turtles, shellfish, needlefish, and lobsters as well. The overall quantity and quality of sea life that India offers is all on display at the Grand Island dive site.

Dive Sites in Goa