Diving in Cayman Brac

The Cayman Islands have some of the most beautiful sites in the Caribbean; Cayman Brac is one of them. Adventurers and nature lovers will find a paradise in Cayman Brac. this island was named after its many breathtaking bluffs. This region is also full of limestone caves and amazing sinkholes. Fill your days with bluff climbing and cave exploration, you will find plenty of them. Diving in Cayman Brac is an experience that will amaze you due to the awe-inspiring beauty that awaits beneath the surface. This island alone has over 50 dive sites, making it an ideal place for every level of diver: from beginners to the more advanced. Cruise among shallow, clear reefs filled with fish or dive to explore amazing wrecks and jaw-dropping walls that plunge into the abyss. The easiest way to get to Cayman Brac is by taking a short 30-minute flight from Grand Cayman. Take into consideration that no ferry service is available between the islands. Booking a liveaboard is the best way to get the most out of your diving experience and to explore all that these island has to offer. The best time to travel to Cayman Brac is from November to May. During these months you will find more predictable weather, less rainy days, and warm temperatures.

Featured places to go in Cayman Brac

Northern Shore

The North Shore of Cayman Brac offers some superior wreck diving with the famous M/V Captain Keith Tibbetts wreck.

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Southern Shore

The South Shore of Cayman Brac has some of the best beaches and diving sites on the island.

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Aquatic Life in Cayman Brac

A thriving reef system filled with every single Caribbean fish species surrounds Cayman Brac. This paradise is also home to every Caribbean coral species like elkhorn, brain, staghorn, fire, and finger coral. You will see abundance of different fish species while diving, including queen, gray, and french angelfish, green moray eels, drum fish, trumpet fish, filefish, damselfish, and many others. Your diving experience will be filled with turtle, nurse shark, ray, and octopus encounters. A thrilling dive awaits you as you swim around the different wrecks, where you will see the schooling barracuda and massive goliath groupers. Dive along the walls and be prepared to spot eagle rays and sharks cruising by.

Dive Sites in Cayman Brac