Diving in Burgenland

Unlike other parts of Austria, spiked by mountains, this surprisingly gentle, flat region is set around the jewel in its crown, Lake Neufelder, which doubles as an outstanding diving area in the immediate vicinity of Vienna, a glorious rural escape from the city. These Pannonian lowlands have a beautiful mild climate and the lake itself, which emerged from the former lignite mining industry, has excellent water quality thanks to the numerous underground springs that feed it. Burgenland offers impressive natural landscapes with the Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park and six nature parks. And with more than 300 sunny days a year, Burgenland is an oasis of relaxation away from the urban hustle and bustle. Add in glorious cycle trails – it is famed for its fantastic biking opportunities – fields of fresh fruit and vegetables, not to mention the famous vineyards striping the landscape and you have a beautiful holiday destination that is also great for diving. Burgenland is, after all, known as the vegetable garden of Austria. In the water itself you will find a whole host of different fish species, with 20cm (Eight inch)-long large crayfish, and the clear waters are great for underwater photography, especially with the interesting topography of the lake bed.

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Neufelder See

Scuba diving in Neufelder See is fun and adventurous with a great visibility all year around.

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Aquatic Life in Burgenland

Depending on the depth of your dive, you could well reach the lake bed, a beautiful mix of geological points of interest, with hills and steep drops, all spread across the vast areas of the lake. Most notably within Burgenland’s expansive lake is that these clean, clear waters are rich with fish. You can expect to encounter a large population of crayfish, as well as carp, pike, zander and perch, not to mention brown trout and trench – it makes for a fascinating dive. Fresh, clean, beautiful and bathed in sunshine, Burgenland has it all.