Diving in Bicol Region

Bicol is a region in the Philippines in the island group of Luzon. The main diving regions in Bicol are Donsol, Masbate and Ticao Island. People from all over the world come to the region for the famous whale shark snorkeling, which happens from November to May in the bay. For a better chance of diving with sharks it’s best to go to the surrounding dive sites. Ticao Island is famous for being one of the places with the most Manta Rays in the world; the rays visit the area for its cleaning stations at Manta Bowl; to arrive here you need to take a short boat ride from Donsal. Another must-visit place is San Miguel Island, located roughly a 45-minute boat ride from Manta Bowl, on the northern part of Ticao. San Miguel Island has many different dive sites as well as plenty of colorful reefs. On the Masbate Island, as well as in Donsal, you will find many dive centers and resorts that visit different destinations in Bicol. The best months to travel are between November to May, when you will find calmer currents. The best way to arrive to Donsal is to fly to Legaspi and from there take a van; you will also find flights available to the city of Masbate.

Dive Sites in Bicol Region

Featured places to go in Bicol Region

Ticao Island

Ticao Island is famous for its pristine corals and a healthy array of macro life.

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Aquatic Life in Bicol Region

Whale sharks, manta rays as well as thresher and hammerhead sharks are some of the species you will encounter in the dive sites of Donsal and the surrounding locations of Ticao and San Miguel. The region of Bicol is well-known for its vast array of marine species including reef fish such as fusiliers, surgeons, butterfly, and damselfish. You can also find a site called tuna alley where you will see large shoals of skipjack tuna, barracudas and sardines. You can’t miss the dive site at Bobby’s wall, where you’ll have a good chance of seeing moray eels, scorpionfish and stonefish.