Diving in Bangkok

The vibrant Thai capital may not be set right on the coast, but you can still enjoying a scuba diving excursion from Bangkok. The beach resort of Pattaya is just around the bay and boat trips head out to make the most of the amazing wreck dives and islands just a short distance away. Pattaya has become famous for its amazing wreck dives, with old US warships, once donated to the Thai navy following the end of World War Two and since scuttled to create dazzling artificial reefs. There are also beautiful coloured coral reefs to be explored, where nurse sharks and black tip sharks bask and blue-spotted rays glide past. Here you can enjoy year-round diving with visibility of up to 30m, depending on the conditions, although the best time to dive is between October and April. The islands around Pattaya, known as the Near Islands, the Far Islands and the Samae San Islands, have their own wrecks, which advanced divers can explore the vessels in detail, as well as enjoying the marine life that has made the wrecks home. But there is more to these islands than just wrecks, the colourful coral creates the perfect habitat for a whole range of different fish and sharks, ensuring a dive trip will be filled with mesmerizing wonders.

Aquatic Life in Bangkok

Everything from crabs to lionfish, giant puffers to stingrays call the amazing wrecks of Pattaya and its surrounding islands home. These artificial reefs have attracted fantastic marine life, with sweetlips and stingrays flitting among the vessels. Turtles and whale sharks also gather in these waters and if you are lucky you could even spot dolphins. The reefs are home to colourful parrotfish and angel fish as well as wrasse and the striking yellow and blue damselfish. Keep your eyes peeled for macro marine life too, whether it is delicate seahorses or whip coral shrimp, you will see a whole gamut of sea creatures when diving these waters.

Dive Sites in Bangkok