Diving in Aydin

On the Aegean Sea, between the provinces of Izmir and Mugla, you will find the Aydin province. It is known for its rich history, its agriculture and its beautiful resort towns. Because of Aydin’s its geographical location, the region has been home to various civilizations throughout the years and each civilization has left its mark on the region, from Ephesus to the Temple of Artemis. Aydin offers exceptional diving and as well as its natural riches and has recently sunk interesting artificial reefs in the shape of things like propeller planes to create an exciting dive experience. The visibility is exceptional, the waters are warm year-round and you are sure to see a wide variety of marine life. The underwater geology is just as interesting, not only will you explore reefs, you can also dive caves and caverns and makes the most of the clear water to take fantastic underwater photographs. Tourism is being actively encouraged in the area, which means you will have a great choice of resorts, accommodations and dining options to complement your underwater adventures. You will be welcomed no matter what time of year you visit and no matter your standard there will always be something in interesting to explore.

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One of the best parts of Kusadasi is that it offers dive locations for divers of all experience and skill levels.

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Aquatic Life in Aydin

The water is clear and warm in Aydin. Depending on the season, the water fluctuates between 19 and 23 degrees Celsius (66 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit) making it a very comfortable area to dive in. These temperatures also make it very comfortable for a wide range of marine life as well. Especially within the reefs here, you will see quite a variety of creatures including grouper fish, tuna fish, octopus, and many colorful reef fish. Because of the high visibility in the area, it is also an ideal spot to capture some beautiful underwater photos of these sea creatures in their natural habitat.

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