We Want You! Updated Diving Jobs Page.

Discover the updated SSI diving jobs page.

SSI is strongly supporting the creation of new SSI Professionals with the currently running "We Want You" crossover campaign. However, what's the point of creating new professionals if they don't know where to find potential scuba diving jobs? To help bridge this gap, SSI has updated the job advertisement areas and placed them in several more prominent places on the Scuba Schools International website. We are making it easier for you to find the dive job of your dreams, advertise your center's available positions, or get inspired to start your SSI Professional career.

1.   Representation on the SSI job page.

There are now entry points to the scuba diving jobs page via the header (icon), menu (More / MySSI / Jobs), and MyDiveGuide. The SSI map section is location-related and the list view is center point related. Users can limit their results using the following filter options:
  • Search for a location.
  • Free text search: Search for specific keywords (e.g. center name, etc).
  • Qualification: Job offers according to training level.
  • Special Skills: Job offers for additional qualifications (e.g. boat license).
  • Languages: Job offers in certain languages.

2.   Representation on your SSI Center page.

All centers that post scuba diving jobs will receive a prominent banner. After clicking, potential applicants are directed to the list of all open job offers. Each job can be clicked on individually and has its own details page, and prospective customers can contact the center.

3.   Representation on MyDiveGuide.

Selected destinations will be promoted weekly on the MyDiveGuide homepage, under the module "Diving Career Opportunities". Clicking on a destination takes you to the pre-selected "Job Locator ". An additional icon in the banner area on the Destination Pages enables quick access to the Job Locator. VIDEO - CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT POSTING DIVE JOBS.