Keep Diving And Stay Connected With The MySSI Diving App

Gone are the days of showing up at the dive boat without your logbook, training materials and certification card. Now, it is all safely stored in your MySSI app.

With this impressive free diving app, you can access everything you need to go diving and stay connected to diving at all times.

Whether you run an SSI Training Center, are a dive pro, or just love diving, the MySSI App has all you need to boost your business, support your students, and record your diving adventures.

These features are just the start of what you will discover in the essential, new MySSI diving app:

  • Learn easily on the move. SSI courses are included in the MySSI app and available whenever and wherever you want to learn.
  • Record every dive detail with MySSI’s advanced logbook features.
  • Connect with dive buddies worldwide.
  • Immerse yourself in diving even on land, with the latest industry and SSI blog news.
  • Ready to level up? Check out SSI pathway posters to plan your next course and become the best diver you can be.


Discover MySSI’s innovative new diving app features.

1. Capture your best Scuba, Freediving and Extended Range dives with ease.

MySSI will help you remember your dives for years to come, thanks to its host of logbook features that record all the dive details you could wish for.

You can record your dive site’s exact GPS coordinates, quickly log your dives by scanning a dive site’s QR code, create a digital buddy list, add the wildlife you encountered, and so much more.

Now, the MySSI diving app has enhanced logbook functions for Scuba, Extended Range and Freediving, including new graphics and icons if dives are imported through selected dive computers.

All of which helps you customize your dive details with the type of diving you have done and capture your best underwater adventures.

2. Record the epic wildlife you encountered with MyDiveGuide.

Few things are more frustrating than running out of room on your dive log page when you scribble down all the marine life you saw.

With MySSI’s new wildlife feature, you can say goodbye to writing in the margins and poring over old marine life ID books.

The MySSI digital logbook wildlife feature makes it quick and easy to record all of the wildlife you encountered during each dive.

Simply browse and select the marine life you saw from MyDiveGuide’s extensive wildlife list.

The MyDiveGuide wildlife directory contains everything from bucket list ocean giants right through to those prized critters you’ve spent years trying to find.

Get the details down fast in your surface intervals and start planning your next wildlife dives now.


3. Get notified of events in your local dive community.

Cannot get enough of diving? Neither can we! Up your dive time and leave your "fear of missing out" behind with MySSI.

Thanks to MySSI, it is now even easier to stay connected and get involved in your local dive community.

On the new app homepage, you will find all events and the event calendar for your local SSI Training Center.

You can browse local dive trips, plan your next SSI diving course, and join local dive events from your smartphone.

It is the best way to meet new dive buddies in your area, explore local dive sites you didn’t know existed, and extend your dive season.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app, create your profile, and explore this essential diving app today.