SSI’s Top Picks for the Best Diving in April

Spring has officially sprung for much of the world, and what is a better way to get outside and enjoy it than diving? As climates further from the equator become milder, travel opportunity increases, and the variety of dive destinations expands. From north to south and east to west, we will share our top four dive sites around the world that offer the best diving in April.


The culturally rich country of Oman is full of spectacular contrasts, from unspoiled coastlines set against bustling cities to azure-blue waters that meet burnt-orange dunes. Diving in Oman is just gaining popularity, and new dive sites are being discovered all the time. On top of that, Oman’s capital, Muscat, is a modern, elegant city with a rich heritage and wonderful hospitality.

The uninhabited Damaniyat Islands offer some of the area’s best diving. Located just west of Muscat, these islands are bird sanctuaries that boast a wide variety of marine life, including turtle and dolphin sightings. On the other hand, the Musandam Peninsula north of Muscat is more off the beaten path and home to large coastal upwellings in the spring, which is why diving Oman in April is so spectacular. This area is famous for its vertical drop-offs and cold water upwellings this time of year, bringing in spectacular wildlife sightings such as whale sharks, dolphins, whales, sunfish, and sharks.

If you are looking for a great alternative to the more famous Red Sea diving found in Egypt, Oman offers dives just as impressive and is easily accessible. To learn more about diving in Oman, visit SSI’s MyDiveGuide here.

2. The Seychelles

Diving the Seychelles is spectacular any time of the year; however, the month of April offers extraordinary dive conditions. Located right in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles Islands consist of 74 coral atolls whose waters are teeming with marine life. The three inner islands of Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue bring in the majority of this country’s tourism and are the most popular areas for scuba diving. However, the Seychelles’ outer islands boast pristine coral reefs. We recommend booking a diving liveaboard trip to see all that Seychelles diving has to offer.

The Seychelles Islands are littered with shipwrecks, making it a spectacular place for wreck diving enthusiasts. The southern islands boast fantastic wall dives, drop-off dives, and drift diving opportunities. Thanks to calm seas, warm water temperatures, and excellent visibility up to 30 meters, April is one of the best months to dive the Seychelles. Check out some of the Seychelles’ top-dive sites here on the MyDiveGuide website.

3. Hawaii

The beautiful Hawaiian Islands offer some of the best diving in April, hands down. With the month of April comes the end of spring break season, meaning travel costs can come down significantly compared to other months throughout the year. Spring also offers calmer conditions and some of the best underwater visibility. To top it off, April and May see the end of the annual Pacific humpback whale migration, giving you a high probability of encountering these majestic marine mammals.

 Whether you decide to stay on one island or dive them all, Hawaii boasts thriving reefs, beautiful shipwrecks, and staggering wall dives. The main island of Oahu is a wreck diver’s paradise; you can dive wrecks that have become thriving artificial reefs and some with tremendous historical value. The island of Kona, also known as the Big Island, offers world-famous night diving, where you can encounter giant manta rays. Maui is home to some of Hawaii’s best advanced diving, with the renowned Molokini Wall just a short boat ride away. No matter where you choose to dive, Hawaii’s near-perfect land and water conditions offer a spectacular getaway. Click here to discover Hawaii’s most popular dive sites.

4. Bay Islands, Honduras

For wall diving enthusiasts, Honduras is a fantastic option for diving in April. The Bay Islands, located on Honduras’ east coast in the Caribbean Sea, boast spectacular shear walls and remote seamounts thriving with marine life. The month of April offers warm, dry weather and a high probability of encountering whale sharks, as well as marlins and dolphins. In fact, this area is known as the whale shark capital of the Caribbean. You can find these exciting marine life encounters on Utila’s more exposed northern side, which faces the open ocean. Here you can also experience exciting deep dives and stalactite-covered caves.

 If you want a more laid-back Caribbean experience, diving Utilas south side is for you. This area offers sheltered fringing reefs with shallow dives perfect for beginners. The Bay Islands is known as one of the cheapest places in the world to learn to dive, so bring your friends! The welcoming locals, friendly ex-pats, and excellent food make for a fantastic vacation destination. To learn more about diving in Honduras’ Bay Islands, click here.

5. Komodo, Indonesia

Famous worldwide for its giant lizards, Komodo Island is home not only to the Komodo Dragon but to Komodo National Park, which offers fantastic diving well off the beaten track. Although Komodo is not well known, it is regularly rated as one of the top 10 diving areas in the world. Although famous for its dragons, Komodo is well known for its underwater biodiversity, thriving marine life, and lots of pelagic action. Its position at the coral triangle’s center brings lively currents that produce some high-adrenaline diving.

Komodo boasts some of the best diving in April because this time of year kicks off the dry season, which runs through September. The lack of rain during these months produces spectacular visibility.

The best way to dive Komodo Island is on a diving liveaboard, which will give you the best experience to explore everything the national park reserve of Komodo Island has to offer. Because it is close to the world’s epicenter for marine diversity, you will see many species not found anywhere else. Bring your camera and get ready to have the adventure of a lifetime. 

Wherever you decide to travel, SSI’s MyDiveGuide can help you find the best diving in April. CLICK HERE TO FIND YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE WITH SSI’S MYDIVEGUIDE.