The new Freediving Instructor Training Course (FITC)

What is the 2020 Update?

Freediving is arguably the fastest-growing segment of the diving industry. The need for new freediving professionals increases every day. To adjust to this rapid growth, SSI recently updated the core Freediving Instructor training programs to create a bigger and better workforce in the field. SSI designed the new FITC program to provide you with the latest knowledge, training, and instructional methods needed to become a successful SSI Professional.

The new FITC program - Four levels combined in one package

Freediving Assistant Instructor (FAI) and Instructor Training Course (FITC)

The most popular levels of Freediving professional programs are now entirely renewed and placed into a new format. This latest structure includes a new form of digital learning, academic sessions, practical applications, and compelling active learning sessions to develop the most qualified freediving instructors in the industry. The FITC package includes the FAI with FITC, which are indented to be purchased and taken as a single program.

Freediving Assistant Instructor

Previously known as Pool Freediving Instructor, the Freediving Assistant Instructor program is completely reshaped to provide candidates with the knowledge and training necessary to perform the duties of a true assistant. SSI built the FAI program to be the first part of the FITC package, allowing SSI to create an even better package without sacrificing education quality.
  • Section 1 – Overview of SSI
  • Section 2 – Duties of an SSI Dive Professional
  • Section 3 – Program Administration
  • Section 4 – Academic Sessions
  • Section 5 – In-Water Teaching
  • Section 6 – Entry Level Programs

Freediving Instructor Training Course

Along with the new curriculum of multiple learning strategies, one of the significant differences in the new Freediving Assistant Instructor/Instructor Training Course is the condensing of the Business of Diving into one section. SSI also created dedicated areas for training candidates on Freediving Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 instructor ratings. Additionally, we formed a designated educational section for the Training Techniques and Free Immersion specialty courses.
  • Section 7 – The Business of Diving
  • Section 8 – Level 1 Specialty Programs
  • Section 9 – Freediving Level 2
  • Section 10 – Freediving Level 3


In the 2020 FAI/FITC kit, the core content for training freediving professionals did not change; however, the format did. We integrated a modern approach by introducing multiple learning strategies – digital learning, academic sessions, "real-life" practical applications, and active learning sessions to create competent and qualified freediving professionals. Another benefit is in the instructor upgrades. Using the same manual and system to upgrade freediving instructors to the next level makes the program more efficient and practical for any Freediving Instructor Trainer wanting to become more productive. Once familiarized with the material, we know you will be excited to enroll new freediving professionals as soon as possible. The flexibility and variety of courses included in this package will allow you to reach out to potential candidates during the very early stages of their freediving career. The unique structure of the new FAI/FITC kit will also allow you to start training on online platforms, breaking the boundaries of stay-at-home orders, and expanding business opportunities. Get started today, and put your business back on track to success.